Our Christian caregivers for seniors have a genuine passion and love for helping others. We provide daily, weekly, monthly, occasional, or 24/7 care. Above that our caregivers are insured bonded, required to have a criminal background check, undergo a two step interview process, drug screen, receive orientation and mentoring. They are also required to have current certifications in First Aid and CPR, current drivers license and proof of insurance. They are required to attend monthly continuing education unit. While we pray and support our CGs THEY actually provide spiritual encouragement for our clients.

We are only 1 of 6 organizations in Northwest Ohio to be named a Top Workplace by The Blade for 5 years in a row.

Our Caregiver Spotlight - Karen Mathews

I am Karen Mathews and I have been working for Christian Home Care for around four years. I will tell you what led me to becoming a care giver and why I am so passionate about maintaining high standards when it comes to giving care. You see just before I retired from the Air Force my best friend, Jeri, was involved in an accident and was paralyzed. It changed both of our lives. She never complained after the accident, she dug in, did rehab and later went back to work. In 2013 I decided to take a road trip and went to see my friend, Jeri, in California. I was able to experience what her life was like. She showed me how to be a good caregiver. I came back home and took the course to become a Nursing Assistant. After that I took the State Test and became an S.T.N.A., a State Tested Nursing Assistant.

How I came to Christian Home Care and Why: When I started working in the field of Home Care I wanted to work for a place that was as passionate as I was when it came to taking care of people. I kept seeing ads for Christian Home Care. I felt this company would have the same values that I was raised with. One day when I was out shopping I saw a woman who was driving in a car that had Christian Home Care on it. I flagged her down and stopped her and asked for a business card. I don”Ēt think I made a great impression. I asked her ”ČAre you really Christian Home Care”É? There were signs on both sides and the back of her car. Even though I was employed by a different agency at the time they didn”Ēt have an RN overseeing the client cases. There wasn”Ēt anyone I could talk to about client health concerns. Christian Home Care is different from other non-medical agencies in that they do have an RN. Caregivers can go and talk to her anytime.
In the long run Christian Home Care has gone above and beyond my expectations of a company. They are always striving to increase their employee wages, they offer CEUs that we are paid for. Are considerate and respectful of their caregiver”Ēs needs. I still travel with my best friend Jeri and her Mom several times a year. Christian Home Care staff realizes how important this is to me and my friend Jeri to go to help my disabled friend. It is a working holiday for me. CHC staff always makes accommodations for my time off to do this. They make sure my clients are well covered when I need to be away.

A little about me: I retired from the United States Air Force in 2000. I became a college student and received an Associate”Ēs degree from Owens Community College. I went on to the University of Toledo where I studied Digital Media. I have participated in art shows such as the Toledo Area Art Show and at the Toledo Art Museum twice. My work has also been published many places throughout the world.
The compassion I feel towards people is reflected in my art work and in my care of others.

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Caregivers - Erica C., Regina M., Lynn W.                                            CHC Christmas Party at the Toledo Club

5th Top Workplace Award
Staff Nancy R., Caregivers Anna Marie W. and Erin G., Staff Cindy K., Caregiver Geralyn H., Sue W. Manager, Lori L. staff, Amber S and Cindy S. Caregivers

Front Row: Caregviers Beth F, Vonda M., Deb M., Erin G., Maureen S.
Back Row: R.N. Melissa S., Caregivers Karen M., Jackie H., Wanda M., Debbie Mc., Kari D., Manager Sue W. and Caregiver Justine S.

Front Row: Caregiver Ann Marie W., Staff Cindy K & Lori L., Caregivers Staci M. and Carole F., Manager Sue W.
Back Row: R.N. Melissa S., Staff Nancy R., Caregivers Ann B., Leslie T